Saturday, September 12, 2015

Being Pinteresting and not failing!

Oh Pinterest I have a love hate relationship with you! I feel like my house should look like something out of design magazine with seasonal decorations, banners, and so many other cute things. The pinnacle of my love hate relationship with Pinterest is kids birthday parties. I can't pull off a birthday party that looks like it was professionally decorated and planned. But what I can do are some really simple things to make it look like I did.

My oldest's 3rd birthday party was dinosaur themed. Here is what I did to make it pinteresting.

We had lots of toy dinosaurs at the house. So I took a clorox wipes and wiped them down to clean them off since I was putting them near food.

I took some plain green cards folded them in half and put some foam dinosaur stickers on them. I gave the food some dinosaur themed names.
-Veggie Tray was an Herbivore Buffet
-Pistachio Nuts were Dinosaur eggs
-Salad with pomegranates was Herbivore Delight.

I purchased a plastic dinosaur table cloth from a party store.

All in all it wasn't time intensive and it was really easy to put together. It was a creative way to set up the table with out spending hours making decorations or place cards.

 Here are some photos from my oldest's party last year when he turned 4. I was 38 weeks pregnant with TinyHuman want to talk about not having the energy for a birthday party. At any rate. My oldest's birthday is actually in December but I was due early November and having a bunch of kids at my house during cold and flu season with a newborn didn't sound like a good idea to me. So we had his party the week before Halloween. We had a Halloween Star Wars birthday party.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Snap Infinity Scarf Style Guide

When I created the Snap Infinity Scarf the question I always received was how do I wear it. Since my customer base has grown beyond people I know and I ship products nation-wide I figured I would produce a style guide that would show you all way you can wear your Snap Infinity Scarf. Enjoy the style guide!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, The Tiny Human!!!

I can't believe that it's been a year since I officially opened up my doors for business. I have a number of people to thank. First I need to thank my husband who has been very supportive of the business venture. Second I need to thank Nicholas, The Tiny Human, who inspires many of the products. Last but not least I need to thank you my customers!!! With out your patronage I wouldn't still be in business. As much as I would love to have everyone over for cake and ice-cream to celebrate I have come up with the next best thing.......a huge giveaway!!!!

Here is what is being given away:
Snap Infinity Scarf from The Tiny Human
$15 Gift Certificate from The Tiny Human
$20 Gift Certificate from Ewe Leave Me In Stitches
1 Pass for 3 free classes from FIT4MOM Arlington-Alexandria
1 Bottle of Balance Essential Oil from DoTerra by Irene Melice
Bracelet and Moment from Origami Owl Jess McKinnon
1 11x14 mounted print by Artfully Your from Classic Portraits
1 Set of tea lights or votives from Party Lite by Diana Bowen

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